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be Fundamentals

A course developed for beginner levels, which is designed for developing a basic understanding of English. Get started with essential management of grammar and vocabulary.

During the course the students will learn the basis of the language, the proper use of basic grammar and, with the help of our teachers, the students will start to fully engage with all language skills.

Take the first step to becoming Bilingual!

be Spoken

A conversation-based course for Intermediate B2 speakers and above.

Our teachers are trained to identify the needs of individual students and create an active and dynamic experience around conversation and the development of oral skills with current and relevant topics.

The course will help you improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, listening skills and most importantly; the course will help you become a fluent and well spoken individual.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. We know you can speak as well as you can understand!

be Business English

A unique learning experience! You will learn English in-depth focusing on business, tailored to your job and with a higher and more applicable standard of business English.

During the course you will learn the grammar, vocabulary and all the language skills required for you to succeed in the business world. You will learn practical and business-focused skills with confidence building techniques for effective communication, while you get a better understanding of the grammar used in each situation.

These courses are designed for book-based full interactive activities, and to practice with real and possible future business scenarios.

Become a global ambassador for you and your company!

be Pro

A Business English course designed to meet your unique needs. We personalize the course according to what matters most to you. We have and/or can create a fully customized course that is built-to-suit your individual requirements.

Whatever your job demands, we provide exactly what you’re asking for with courses such as:

  • Courses focusing on personal development
  • Specialized courses according to your job or work area
  • Business skills and the practical use of the language
  • Public speaking and effective communication

Ditch the PowerPoint and speak for yourself!

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